Sales Force Automation Software


forSales is a technologically advanced application, able to bring innovation and efficiency to a business environment and help users to have critical business information available even without network coverage.

Business and customers information (purchase history, account statements, data-sheets, rankings, etc.) are always just a tap away. The innovative system facilitates the presentation of products to customers through interactive catalogues and the simultaneous placement of a purchase order.

forSales is an innovative management solution for your business on the move.

An advanced application for customer management software that allows you to plan your business strategies, harmonizing and simplifying the work.

The graphic interface provides easy access to the documents needed for a complete presentation of a business proposal and the customer database. Order management, master data collection, statistics display, multimedia presentations. In real time, on the move, but also off-line, so as to always be up-to-date with the business strategies of the company.

SFA Company

Established in 2000, NextTech has focused its resources exclusively on mobile business management, that is, a 100% Sales Force Automation company.

From the start our mission has been to develop applications for mobile devices in order to enable companies to be in touch with their sales network anytime, anywhere.

Our extensive knowledge of the world of sales networks and business issues allows us to offer clear and functional solutions.

In cooperation with our customers we coordinate all phases of the project so as to maximize the benefits, both in terms of efficiency and cost reduction. Technological innovation and continuous investments in research and development, are the drive that have supported us over these years of continuous growth.

The high specialization and implementation of major international projects have ensured us solid and recognized experience in the field of mobile applications for the business management of sales networks.